Spirit Of Europe 11th October 2011


Hey all, my name is Richard Johnson and I’m booked in for the Spirit of Europe trip leaving on October 11th 2011. I just thought I’d make a topic here for others going on the same trip to meet up, introduce ourselves and get excited!

I’m 23 years old, from Melbourne Australia and have recently finished uni. I’ve spent the last month or so travelling around the US/Canada and am now chilling out in the UK before ‘Spirit of Europe’ kicks off.

So anyone else on the same trip feel free to introduce yourselves :slight_smile:


Hey Richard,

Thanks for starting a thread :slight_smile:

My friend Doris and I will also be on this tour and we’re from Sydney, Australia. We’re both 23 years old as well.

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else and hope you’re enjoying the UK so far, I’m very jealous that you’ve been travelling around North America recently!



Hi Everyone,

My name is Roxy 19 from Brisbane Australia, very excited to be doing this trip bit nervous doing it solo, it is nice to meet you all, cant wait to get over there and meet everyone and start traveling.



Glad to hear from some of you. Don’t worry Roxy I’m also doing the TopDeck tour solo and from I can gather from similar threads lots of others will be as well. Looking forward to meeting you as well Mel and Doris :slight_smile:

I’ll be staying at Clink78 - our London departure point - on the night of October 10th (night before we start) so if anyone else will be there that night let me know and we can meet up early.


Hey everyone,
I’m Julia, Im so excited to start this tour. Im 19 and from Melbourne - so many aussies! I just spent the last 8 months working in Canada, and have been travelling solo for a month, so Im super excited to travel with others! Im also going on a 4 day topdeck Oktoberfest tour this week, so Im joining this tour in Paris.
So great to see someone start a thread too :slight_smile: can’t wait!!


haha well I got sick of waiting for someone else to start a thread for it. How great is Canada!? I did an exchange semester there back in 2009 so I lived in Toronto for 4 months and had a blast. Where abouts were you living/working? I’m officially very jealous that you’re going to Oktoberfest :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too, but I was too chincken. haha. Canada is my second home now, loved it! I was in Alberta, about 20 mins from Banff, so great. But part of my solo travels were in vancouver, tofino, toronto, ottawa, montreal and quebec, which was great! I leave tomorrow for Oktoberfest but I’m actually pretty nervous - going alone… I’m glad atleast for this trip I know there are some other solo-ers!! You guys can’t have too much fun before i get there in paris, haha :slight_smile: