Spirit of Europe - 11th June 2013


Just booked up with my cousin Jack for this tour! We’re both from New Zealand. 21 and 23 years old. Is anyone else joining the tour?


Any one signed up yet?


I will be going on this tour but meeting everyone in Paris! :slight_smile:


Awesome, looking forward to it!


For those looking to join up on Facebook. I’ve made a group below!



I will be on this tour with 2 girlfriends! Tried to join the group on Facebook but it wouldn’t let me! :expressionless: Starting to get excited now though!


Yay I’m one of the girlfriends haha.
I also couldn’t get into the link :frowning:


Try now, sorry I had it set to Secret Group. Failing that, post your email addresses and i’ll add you guys. Counting down the days now!