Spirit of Europe 11 Sept 2012


Hi everyone,

I am thinking of booking the Spirit of Europe trip departing 11 September 2012. I’m 30 years old and have been overseas a few times, but this will be my first solo trip.

Just wondering if anyone else had yet booked for this date?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just booked this trip :slight_smile:

It will be my first Europe trip but not the first overseas trip. I’m 32 years old. Very Excited now!


Hi Elizabeth,

I haven’t booked yet but am thinking I will in the next week or so. I’m looking at the moment at adding a trip to Scotland at the end of the tour.

Are you doing any additional stuff around the tour? I never been to Europe and am getting excited planning :slight_smile:


Hi Carly,
At the moment I have 2-3 nights in Paris before tour, then 4 nights in London after, but I still have no plans, still looking for one day tours around. Are you joining a tour? How long do you plan to go to Scotland?

8 months to go! ;D


I am planning to fly into London just before the tour, do the 24 days with TopDeck, then stay in London for 5 days or so and then take a train up to Scotland for another 5 or so days, or possibly the other way around.

I haven’t really looked into any day tours yet, I’m hoping to get some ideas from my travel agent next week. As this is my first time traveling solo, I’m asking around what other people thought were the great places to visit and how to get there etc.

Which tours are you thinking of doing?

Around Scotland I’m not sure if it would be better to join a tour, or just hire a car and drive myself around.



my name is Nicole and im 28, ill be on the tour, im booked and really exicted. its my first time overseas travelling alone so hoping to meet some nice people on the tour

im staying in london for about 5 days before the tour



Hi Nicole,

I’m fully booked now too and will be in London a couple of days before the tour starts.

I’m not sure if I am going to stay at the departure hostel or not.



Hi Carly

Im staying in the hostel from the 5th of September, just thought that it would be easier.

Its nice to get in touch with someone who will be on the tour




I am thinking of staying at the hostel just because it will be easier. I arrive in London on the 9th of September so just need 2 nights accommodation, but have never stayed in a hostel before so was a little unsure about doing it by myself. On the tour I didn’t mind because I figured everyone would know each other pretty quickly.

What type of room have you booked? I am thinking that the girls dorm would be the most suitable? But again have never done hostel so I don’t really know!




im staying in one of the Female Rooms with a bathroom, i’ve never stayed in a hostel before but thought that it would be a good expereince.

i was of the same thinking of the accomidation while on the tour



Hi guys!

My name is Alice and I’m also going to be on this tour. I’m 22 from Sydney and this is the first time i’m travelling by myself and the first time I’ve really been to Europe!

My flight to London leaves on the 9th.

Its only four months away!!! Getting excited!!!


Hi All

We are Raych and Dion, both 26. First time to europe so very excited cant wait :slight_smile:
We are staying at the hostel (Clink) from 5th September.

Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and Im 20 from Tassie. Ill be on this tour with my friend Chels (18 from Tassie).

This is my first time overseas, very excited!!
We will be staying at the Clink hostel the night before the tour.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! :smiley:


Hi !
We are Scott & Jen, 29 & 28 from Perth. We have both travelled o/seas before but this is our first time to Europe!
Looking forward to meeting you all soon ! :slight_smile: