Spirit of Europe 10th May


Just starting a group for anyone doing this trip ;D

Can’t wait!!

Kellie :slight_smile:


Hi Kellie

My sister and I booked this tour on the weekend - looks like a lot of fun and getting excited too

Megan ;D



I also just booked this tour. I am so excited and May can not come soon enough for me!



Im on it too :slight_smile:


Hi kids,

Sounds like theres already a good bunch! ;D My mate and i also booked for this time slot as well! Is anyone staying at the clink78 prior/after to the tour?? Seems like the reviews on this hostel gives a very mixed feeling…


Im staying at the clink the night before and after the tour.
I didnt read any bad reviews till after i booked it but its only for 2 nights so im not too fussed.


I’m also staying at the clink. The reviews have made me cautious, but I’m only there for one night so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be happy that I don’t have to trek too far the morning the tour departs.


hey guys!! im staying before and after at the clink too. mixed reviews but im sure it’ll be fine!! where abouts are you all from and what ages etc.!! im from North Queensland, Australia and im a ripe old 25… ;D


oh im glad you guys are staying at the clink too! :slight_smile:


Hahaha i think the clink will be fine, the other day i had abit of spare time and flicked through some forum threads from ages ago and it seemed like the manager at the clink is quite active and is trying to improve on things that was lacking. Which is good!! I’m from Brisbane, Aust and i’m 22… turning 23 on the tour LOL


I’m from Michigan, US and I’m 22.


yeah im hoping its alright! oh and im 19 from south australia


We have booked to stay around the corner at the good enough club or something like that.

and im thinking were going to be the oldies on tour hehe ill also have my birthday on 14th may - 30 something :stuck_out_tongue:

looking forward to it - were leaving in 6 weeks to start our holiday…


glad im not the only one in the 25 and over bracket :wink: if anyone has facebook please feel free to add me...kellie_bee@hotmail.com


Hey hey i have added you kellie

feel free to add me megan.hayes@hotmail.com - its the pic of a tattoo rose as profile



Hey Kellie and Megan,
I sent you both friend requests. my email is jaleezalh@yahoo.com.


Hey crazy kids,

My e-mail is rip_it_up_03@hotmail.com, if u guys get bored as well ;D

On a side note, anyone arriving in London early and is staying at Clink78?


Hey Eddie - i have added you to FB friends too
My sister and I will be staying at the GoodEnough which is around the corner from Clink78 - we arrive on the 7th May.

37 Days to go before we leave - hehehe


another traveller of this tour checking in :D. helllooo everyone names Prav 22, from brisbane,Aust will be accompaning eddie along this trip.

looking forward to meeting you all and sharing laughs,drinks and having plenty of fun. the countdown begins!!not long to go now


Hey everyone, I’m Debbie from South Africa, I’ll be on the tour too, good to see I won’t be the only one from the southern hemisphere :wink:
I’ll find you guys on Facebook, my email addy is dibbledabble@ananzi.co.za