Spirit of Europe 10th April 2018 - 3rd May 2018


Recently booked this tour, I am SO excited! :slight_smile:


I am heading over for this exact trip and can’t wait! Eeeek! Where are you from?


I’m from NZ! :slight_smile: what about you?


Me too!! But moving over to Aus this month :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Have you been travelling before? It’s my first time travelling solo :slight_smile:


I booked this trip back in August. I cannot wait!!:slight_smile::grinning::smile::smile:
Have traveled through SE Asia, but have been wanting to go to Europe for a long time!!

Will be arriving in London a few days early (5th April), to take in some sites of the UK


I haven’t traveled, ever!!! I moved from Aus to NZ in 2014 and that was my first and only travel experience so I am super excited!


I’ll be arriving on the 5th April too! Going to catch up with family and friends over there yay :slight_smile:


Traveling solo is awesome & the best way to travel, I think.
I’ve got sooo much jam-packed in the 5 extra days that I’ll be spending on London.


Awesome! I don’t really have much planned yet, guess I’ll just start exploring when I get there :smiley:


I’ve got a few things planned but not too much. I’ve booked a ticket to go & see the WICKED musical in the West-End & I’ve also booked a full-day tour out to Stonehenge and the English countryside.

My other few days?? I decide when I’m there, but I would like to see “The changing of the guards @ Buckingham Palace”.


Awesome :slight_smile: I’m seeing some of my family that live in the UK. The rest of the time i’ll just explore and check out some shops & sights


Hi, I’m booked on this tour as well. Seems a few are in the app as well. Can’t wait. I’m going to Ireland first and then I’ve got ten days in England before the tour starts.


Woohoo I finally got the app sorted out :slight_smile: There are quite a few people in there!