Spirit of Europe - 1 July 2008 - Anyone going?


Hey all,[br][br]I’m looking at going on the Spirit of Europe 2008 trip leaving the 1st of July. But they say there isn’t many booked for it yet, so its not guaranteed as of yet.[br][br]If anyone’s interested in going, book it now, cause it sounds like an awesome experience and there are still plenty of spots left.[br][br]Also, if anyone else is already booked or hoping to go, it’d be great to hear from you.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Azz[br][br]Catch you on the flipside[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz


I’m thinking about changing from Summer Fun and Sailing to this one… I’m not sure if i’ll be able to though and if i can, i’m a bit worried that it isn’t guaranteed yet. I don’t want to miss out on a tour entirely! I don’t know what to do!


Yeah, i know exactly what you mean.[br][br]I just put my deposit on for it, so hopefully it goes ahead. They said on the phone that because the trips either side of this one are already full, that they are nearly, almost, sorta, kinda, maybe, probably think that it’ll go ahead. So fingers cross.[br][br]Let me know if you do decide to come along.[br][br]Catch you on the flipside[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz


Common guys,[br][br]There’s gotta some people out there that mayb be keen for this trip.[br][br]If there is, i’d love to hear from you.[br][br]Catch you on the flipside[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz


Just checking to see if anyone is coming on this trip yet? 8-)[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz