Spirit of Europe 07 Aug 2012


Hi, I’m 26 years old female from Melbourne . I just booked the Spirit of Europe 07 August 2012. I’m so excited, I will be travelling by myself and just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there doing the same tour :slight_smile: would be great to talk to you guys before the tour.


bumping up………… :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m travelling on that tour too! Booked a few weeks ago :slight_smile: And I’m also going on my own, glad I’m not the only one! I’m 18 (19 in a week) and from adelaide… already so excited! haha :slight_smile:


oh and I forgot to say I’m also a female!


oh yay!!! I was getting a little worried that no one would book this tour because its not guaranteed. Is this your first time touring? its my first time, soo excited, ive booked 2 nights at clink before and after the tour then home. Will you be doing more travelling before or after this tour?


haha I was thinking the same thing! but I think a lot of people book closer to the time!! so hopefully it fills up quickly! :smiley: its my first time too, and first time travelling internationally on my own! eeeeeee so excited but so nervous! haha I’ve booked a night before at clink and a night after, and i think ill be staying on in london for a week or two after… im going to visit a friend in england for a few weeks before then tour, and im applying to study in london on an exchange from september to december :slight_smile: how about you? travelling around at all?


That would be awesome studying in london. I was only able to get 4 weeks off work so I wont be travelling anywhere afterwards, I’ve got a couple of days before and after the tour so I was planning to see some friends and maybe do some day tours of london, I’m still deciding whether or not its worth going to see the Stonehenges. Getting excited!! :slight_smile: its getting closer. Have you talked to anyone else going on this tour?? Are you planning to do most/all of the options?


oh fair enough! yeah I’m getting so excited too! its still half a year away but it’ll go quickly!!! :slight_smile: I haven’t talked to anyone else from the tour yet though… hoping there are others who have booked! I’m thinking I’ll do pretty much all of the extras (unless is something im completely not interested in), since i might never get a chance to do them again! how about you? :slight_smile:


i saw on the topdeck facebook 2 other people booked on this trip so thats makes 4 that i know of. Yeah planning to do everything too especially the skydiving in the swiss alps, im scared of heights but it would ashame to pass on such an amazing experience :slight_smile: lol, so i have now until August to conquer my fear of heights.


bump…anyone else going on this tour ;D


I am booked on it :slight_smile: I am 18 fel. Nice to see people the same age are traveling as well! Cannot wait :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet you guys