Spirit of Europe 01 may



anyone on the spirit of europe starting 01 may???


I am!


hI stuart!

so exciting to hear from someone on the same tour

my boyfriend and have been booked since oct last year! i cannot believe its nearly here!!!

are you travelling with anyone else?


Me too! Can’t believe its just over 7 weeks away


hi james!!

my boyfriend will be happy to know there are a few more guys on the tour!
the 40 day count down starts for us today until we fly out!!!



Looks like there will be two Megan’s on the trip :slight_smile:

Counting down…


Hey, yeah not long to go now. I can’t wait to finally get on the plane and be on my way


Three of my friends from here in Canada are also coming along. It’ll be fantastic!


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I’m on this tour too. I can’t wait!


Im on this tour as well… cant wait only 30 days for me till i leave !!! SO excited :slight_smile:


Less that 4 weeks to go now! Is anyone else getting excited?


Hey Guys,

Cant wait to meet you all on the 1st of May. Anybody staying at the ‘Clink hostel’ before departure date?


cannot wait!!! so excited now!
we fly out 3 weeks from today!!!

cannot believe we will all be together in less than a month!!!


Hey, yeah I’m staying at clink for a couple of nights before we all head off


Yep, I’m staying at Clink the night before too :wink:
I believe we depart from there pretty early the next morning.
Getting pretty excited now, counting down the sleeps and starting to pack my bag lol.
Has anyone been on a Topdeck tour before?


Sweet! I’ll have to look you up James. I get to the clink on the 28th :slight_smile:


Hey Alex, Nope never been on ‘Topdeck’ before but traveling on my own so i thought it would be a good way to meet people. I leave this Tuesday, doing a few countries before i get there. I havent even thought about packing yet lol ooops!


Hey Rachey! Yeah for sure, I arrive the 29th. Who else is going to be in the clink the 29th/30th?


Hey Rachey,
Wow I’m jealous! I still have 2 weeks of work to go until I leave…
Good on you for going alone, I’m travelling with a friend.
I’m Alex Moody on facebook if you want to chat before hand :slight_smile:

James - I’ll be staying at the clink on 30th :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am travelling solo to the otherside of earth for the first time using my annual leave. Staying at the Clink hostel beforehand from the 28th. Looking forward to meeting you all!