Spirit of Egypt 18 July 2010?



I was wondering if anyone is going on this trip. Afraid to end up completely on my own… LOL.

Also, does anyone know the best way to get from the Cairo hotel to the airport when departing Egypt? I know topdeck includes an arrival transfer, but i’m just thinking about what to do when i’m leaving.

Any help is appreciated.




Hi Lina!!!, well I’m taking the essential egypt tour on 18 july 2010! and i guess the best way of transportation is a cab! you can order one in the hotel! is not cheap but i think is the best… I hope u have really nice time in Egypt I’ll be there at the same time so feel free to contact me. David


Hi David,

I’m just a little worried being female. I heard that it wasn’t that safe getting a cab on your own. I maybe wrong? I might book a transfer back instead, i’ll see.
I think we have the same starting hotel, so we might see each other? Have fun at your trip too :slight_smile:



Hm, Might be completely on my own for this! LOL.
Has anyone been on this tour before?


I know it’s of no help, but I am doing this tour alone on the 25th of September… looking forward to meeting some new people!



I’ll also do the tour on September 25th. (Will book tomorrow).