Spirit of Egypt- 11/2/07


Hi,[br]I’m booked to go on the spirit of egypt tour departing on 11/2/07 and would love to hear from other people on the same tour![br]Vicky


Hi there[br][br]We have just - within the last two weeks - returned from Egypt and have heaps of info, tips etc if you’d like. We did the Ultimate Egypt 21 days which incorporated almost everything you’re doing.[br][br]My email if you want to chat is BecInEgypt at hotmail[br][br]


Hi,[br]Thanks Bec for that e-mail info you sent me… i’ll no doubt be in touch again with some more questions!!![br]Is there anyway to find out how many are booked to go on the tour, and who the tour guide is?[br]Thanks[br]Vicky


HI Vic[br][br]glad I could help. We tried to find out via here how many people would be on the tour with us but was only told that Topdeck operate small groups ie 4 - 15 people. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we arrived to find out it was only us!! if we had found out earlier we would have at least had the knowledge to decide if we wanted to rebook. As for our tour guide, we again didnt know until we got there…