spirit if europe


helllooo is anybody arriving in london end of april? i am coming on my own to london and doing the spirit of europe on the 3rd may, would be sick to meet some people as i am arriving on my own! ;D


I’m most likely doing the spirit of europe that starts on the third. I’m not sure exactly when i’m getting there, probably a few days before the 3rd.


sweeet as i arrive in london on the 30th april and stay a few nights before hand, have you booked yet?!


Not yet, my last exam is on Friday, after that i’m going to get my trip all figured out. :slight_smile:


im yet to decide on this tour or another im looking at… too many choices. im also travelling solo. how long are you both travelling for all up ???


Hey! I’ve just booked myself on this trip as well. Im flying into London on the 30th of April too, but i’m not sure where I want to stay for those few days. I’ve heard a few bad things about Clink, so I only plan to stay there the night before the tour leaves. Other than that, i’m looking at a few hotels nearby. Ps: I’m travelling solo too, so it’ll be good to know im not the only one, haha.


I know, its really hard to decide. I’ve been going back and forth for months but finally decided on this one. :slight_smile:
I’m hoping to get there a few days before the tour starts and maybe stay a few days after to see more of London. Just depends on money.


We are planning and hopefully it won’t be postponed.
Good luck to us!