Spires in the Snow 28th Dec 2011


I am! Can’t wait x
how long are you both travelling for?


I’m also on the tour! Can’t wait! It’s my first TopDeck… I’m travelling on my own and really looking forward to meeting some great people from all over the world :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Myself and my good friend Tom from work are joining this tour. Are any of you going to the hostel before tour starts…? We are flying into Budapest on 24th (TOMORROW) woohoo… We’ll be going to Circus Xmas day and hoping the hostel bar is open xmas evening if anyone wants to join us… We are quite easy to spot Im tall and blonde and he is short and brown hair… Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Safe travels and have great xmas!

Missy (and Tom).


Hi missy (and Tom),

I assume you mean you’re going on this trip this year, not 2011? Are you departing on the 26th or 29th… As I didn’t see a tour departing on the 28th? If the 29th I’ll see you guys there! If the 26th have a great time!

Katie :slight_smile: