Spires in the Snow - 20 March


Hi Guys,

I’m new to travelling on a tour alone and was hoping to find someone else who is going to be on this tour with me?


Hi there!

I will also be traveling alone on this trip. I guess I’ll see you in Budapest!

I’m Lacey, by the way.


Hi Lacey, Nice to meet you - I’m Dane.

Are you arriving early before the tour starts? I’m arriving on the 20th at lunchtime but will probably try to go for a wander around for an hour or 2 before everyone meets at the hostel if you’re around.


Hi I’m Clair, I’m travelling alone on this trip too :). I arrive in Budapest around 1:00pm from Norway on the 20th… pretty excited! I leave next Friday to Europe


Hi Clair, Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

No doubt we’ll all meet up at the hostel.


Hi Clair, nice to see someone else is also traveling alone.

I will be arriving in Budapest at 11:45am. So I will be around for a walk around, most likely if you’d like to meet up, Dane.