Spending money!?


Hey everyone!! So, I’m doing the European pioneer tour and was wondering how much spending money I will be needing?
It’s my first time overseas solo… I was told $150-$200 Australian dollars per day?

Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:



Hi Beck,

$150AU will get you arround $110EU at the moment, in my opinion this is a good amount to budget. It all depends on how much shopping you do, how much you drink etc.

I did a 25 day contiki 2 years back and went through an average of $110EU per day. I shopped moderately, did everything and went out drinking most nights…

I’m off again in 5 months with Topdeck and will allow the same spending money…


Hey Trent,

Ok awesome that’s fantastic thanks so much!!

Which tour are you doing in 5 months? - hope you have a ball!! :slight_smile:


Hi Beck,

Doing 2 tours, Western Spirit departing 25th September, then Eastern Link departing 5th of October from Athens… plus 5 days in london prior, and 11 nights in USA afterwards…


Trent- that sounds amazing have a great time!!

Jess- thanks for the break down… I’m actually not planning on drinking every night (I want to feel alive in the mornings) haha

I am hoping on doing the skydive in the alps but dont knowif there is enough time :confused:

What 34 day tour are you doing?

… I am unsure of what season of clothes to take I’m going from 1st of September till middle of October??


theres two of us so probably 150 a day. the euro is looking quite good, the


Ive budgeted $100 au a day, hoping thats enough!


hi guys, hoping you can alleviate my stresses…ive booked the Russia Scandi 23 day tour and have about $1000AUD spending money. do i have reason to be so stressed?? do i need way more?


Food will be your big expense I did the trail of Columbia ten days and with nights out and stuff I only spent 500 Erous so thats about 100 per day that’s plenty that also got me entry to places and soviners and stuff budget a little more than this for stuff that pops up


It really depends on how much you intend to spend each day and what optionals you’re most keen on I guess (both optionals in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland will set you back a fair bit but for 20 Francs you can also catch the cable car and train up to Murren for a nice day out). I did an 18 day Winter Getaway last year and gave myself $1500 AUD and found this was more than sufficient.

The best thing to keep in mind though is that Scandinavia is apparently pretty expensive. Check out stuff on Wikitravel about Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm regarding prices of food, museum entries, drinking, transport etc.


I’ve saved up $3,000AU and plan on spending $150ish a day, while taking a bit more out before we get to places like Switzerland and Czech Republic since they have different currencies.


Hey guys! Just wondering- I’m doing 7 days in London after my tour and am in the middle of trying to budget for that! I was thinking 100 pounds per day? Including hostel food and just general wandering around london! Is it naive to think I’d be able to get away with £100 per day? Should I go for £150 instead??


If your staying in a hostel dorm room you’ll be up for about £25-£30 per day. I can’t remember the exact cost for a tube ticket but I had a feeling it was around the £10 mark per day. That would leave you £60 per day for food, drink, etc… certainly doable… when I was there a couple of years back we used to get breakfast from tesco’s for under £5, lunch at a pub was usually around £10 including a beer…

I would say definitely no issue on £100 per day… however if you plan on doing additional tours, sites etc you may chew through a bit more…


Thanks for than Trent! Really appreciate it! I’m thinking I’ll budget the £100/day and then also about £300-400 for extra tours etc :slight_smile: thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


Is approx 3000 euro enough spending money for approx 7 weeks of travelling??


Im going on the Northern Exposure tour so there is hardly any optionals. Out of those 7 weeks I am with topdeck for 22 days then the rest I am travelling by myself with car rental and accomm already paid for.


Europe tour cost a lot from airfare and accommodation to travel activities. Booking in advance advance and looking for good hotel deals will help a lot.


you also search on google and get the actual price in different country.