Spending Money!


Hi guys,

Just a question for anyone out there who has done the 49 day mega european tour.
Do you think $5000 (euro) is enough spending money for food, optionals, souvenirs, shopping etc?
I will also be spending 1-2 weeks in london after the tour.

Any feedback appreciated! I really need a figure to aim for!



Hey Kimberly,

Most people budget on approximately €70 per day including optional activities and some souvenirs.

Topdeck Team


Kimberly I’m like you - doing the Mega European and then spending a week in London, and I’m pretty sure I’ve saved enough but I was just looking for a guideline as to how much people tend to spend. I’m departing on the Mega European July 12th, which tour are you on??


Hey guys!

I managed to do it on about $4000 (including 12 days in London). I’d only recommend 70 euros if you plan to party/drink heavily. It levelled out to be about 30 euros a day for me (more expensive days in Rome etc. and no expense days on yachts). But obviously if you can afford 70 euros a day go for it, do try to keep a spending limit per day so as to not go overboard!

I outline this on my blog here http://tine94.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/travel-advice/ hope it helps!



this will depend on your budget and how long you want to stay there.


It depends on your budget.