Spending Money


Hey All,

Could do with a little help!

I am going on a 7 day Europe trip to Rome, Florence and Paris…and wondering about how much i should take as spending money? Now im not one to buy much ‘souvenir’ stuff as they tend to stay in the box/never look at them again…but what is the standard price for food in those places??

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! =]


Hi Brit! Have a look at this site --> http://www.tefl.com/home/col_survey.html?ci_id=43&tefl_session=9fad1961fc581111f947e98b26b81f3d&x=1&y=1
It gives you a general idea of cost of food etc. The link is for item prices in Rome but you could search for other cities on the site too I guess



Hi Britney,

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