Spending Money


Hey everyone :-)[br]Hope can get a few replies to this, even hoping from Tour Leaders. Am doing the Ultimate Egypt in three weeks!!! OMG, and given it’s first trip o/s I dont really know how much spending money to take. I do know the Egyptian Pound to the Aussie Dollar is 4 to 1. So how much do people think would be enough?[br]Thanks in advance[br]Bec


Hey, thats wicked! I hope you enjoy Egypt. As a guide, if you take along roughly AUD$500-600 for spending money that should be enough.[br]Hope that helps, Bianca (Topdeck Reservations)


thanks so much for the info, we’re down to one week now, so your recommendation on the spending money has certainly put my mind at ease, as I will have more than enough by all accounts. Thanks again and look forward to posting when we return:)