Spending money?


Hi there,[br][br]I am going on the 14 day Winter Wonder Tour in January 2010 and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on about how much spending money to have for the 14 days? Just a rough idea would be great.[br][br]Thanks heaps.[br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hey Pauline,[br][br]I’m heading off in just over a week on European Odyssey and I have budgeted for $100 Euro’s a day. They recommend $50-$60 Euro’s a day because there will be a lot of days when you are on the bus for most of it so won’t get much chance to spend any.[br][br]I guess it depends on how many souvenirs you think you are going to want though and how much you drink. I don’t plan on going too crazy drinking but like to shop and want to bring some presents back for my family so that’s why I’ve budgetted more. My thoughts are that I’d rather come home with money left over than run out on tour.[br][br]If you have a look through the other pages of the forum you’ll probably find heaps of other people’s thoughts on spending money.[br][br]Hope this helps a bit and hope you have a great time on your tour![br][br]Bonnie