Spending Money


Howdy, [br][br]I was just after some advice on spending money for my upcoming European Wonder Tour. [br][br]I have read the pre-departure and travel tip info and I know they recommend approx. 60 euros a day but I just wanted to get the thoughts of some people that may have travelled on this tour or are budgeting for their trip also! [br]As well as doing the tour, I will be spending 5 days in London- I should have just over $5800 AUS to take with me. Does everybody think this will be a decent enough amount to ensure I enjoy myself and dont scrimp on the optional activities?? [br][br]Also, if anyone has any suggestions of what I should make sure I see/do in London, inclduing day trips, I would really appreciate it as a first time traveller!!!


What are your dates for European Wonder tour? i’m doing it as well have under 5 grand and a few days in Europe as well… but then again i’m budgeting because im so paranoid! lol[br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue:


That should be more than enough.[br]I just did the 3 week Europe Uncovered and took the ANZ Travel Card wirh 1600 Euros on it (a little bit above the recommended 60 Euros a day to be safe) plus my credit card in case of any big purchase and finished the tour with 300 Euros left on the card. And I did a fair bit of souvenir shopping and almost all the optionals (the 2 I didn’t do were not because of cost).[br][br]Although they say 60 Euros a day, you’ll find that on the travel days you will hardly spend anything. Just lunch and whatever drinks you buy. On the days out you will spend quite a bit on entrance fees, optionals, lunch, souvenirs/shopping, dinner, drinks etc. So over the 2 days it probably evens out to around 60 Euros a day.


Thanks for the advice ajc28- I was starting to stress that I wouldn’t have enough! Being my first time overseas i want to have a great time and certainly didnt want to be watching every penny. I’ve done some research and the ANZ Travel card looks to be the best option; I have made some enquiries and will be purchasing one before I leave- were you happy with the card? [br][br]Tihara- I saw your post this morning- same tour different dates! Mine leaves at the end of September. Hope you have an awesome time! I’m so excited i could start packing already!!![br]Let me know what you thought when you get back


Hi[br][br]I was wondering if anyone has used the new Commonwealth Travel Card at all? [br][br]Thanks[br][br]Elese.[br][br]European Getaway 2009


I was very happy with the ANZ Card. Never had any problems using it in an ATM (just make sure you use ATMs that accept Mastercard). And it’s great having a card that has a fixed amount of Euros on it (meaning with the exchange rate fixed on the day you put money on it). So you always know exactly how much you have rather than having to work out exchange rates if you were using an Australian or NZ card. I spent time in America before Europe and had an ANZ card in USD too and it worked out great there.[br][br]I would definitely recommend it. :slight_smile: