Spending Money - SOLO TRAVEL


Hey Guys, im a first time traveler plus im going solo. Im doing the Road Trip USA ex LA on the 25th of August.
Can anyone advise an estimated spending money ill be in the states for 5 weeks.
Thanks x


Hey! Im doing this to and taking $100 a day from the day I fly out till the day I get back. Then whatever I don’t use its more that I have for further down the track. People I know are taking $60 a day. So it depends how much you are willing to spend. Food and alcohol is quite cheap though.


I am also on this tour! Is that $100 USD a day?


I’m on the one that goes 27th of November though. And yeah 100USD is what I’m taking per day


I’ve just finished my 2 weeks tour and had another 2 weeks in the states. I took 2000usd and haven’t spent it all. But family did pay for alot of things. You guys will spend a lot more money on food then you think! Tax and tips kill ! Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Emily, are you doing this tour as well?


I’m doing the road trip USA leaving NYC on the 26th of november