Spending money plzzz



Just wondering how much spending money i should take to last me 5 weeks? I’m doing the Spirit of Europe in Aug/Sep. The tour is only 3.5 weeks!



hey gal - we are on the same one… i’m aiming for 5k


Hi, I advise you to just take your credit card with you. I think this will be the best way to meet the coming expences. As for as the amount of money is concerned it depends on you. Anyway have a lovely trip.:sweat_smile:


Hi @taliawalker1,

From past travel experiences. Eastern Europe is cheap for drinks and food. I’m not much of a trinket collector, but there are some souvenirs more true to each country than others. Be ware of gypsy stores as they often sell the same knock-offs. Depends how much you want to spend on these. Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary will be the cheapest. You can get quality drinks and eat rather well in these countries. Public transport and Ubers are also cheap. Taxis only in Budapest, drivers are nuts, but cheap for a decent length ride. A number of the meals are provided, Switzerland you will probably get a packed lunch. And I would strongly recommend you do the Jungfrau train ride. 180 or so Swiss Francs, the view is amazing! Just don’t lose your passport, like I almost did… bahaha.

Topdeck recommends approx 70 Euro/ day, depending on extra activities available. Or about 2000 or so Euro for the trip. I used a travel VISA Card (pre-paid) and have my regular debit card as a backup. Take out cash sparingly, keep it safe with a body purse (hang around your neck and behind your shirt). Pick-pockets are rife.

Central Europe, especially Switzerland is expensive. And has it’s own currency, and you’ll be forever changing currencies. It can be hard to swap currencies and rates of exchange differ. I have a vast quantity of coins from various trips.