Spending money in USA


Hi all
I’m just wondering everyones experience on spending money in the US, I will be there for just over a month all up, including the 24 day tour, I was hoping to take $7000 NZD which would be around $4734.06 US, but im not sure if i’ll be able to save enough,
Thanks in advance :smile:


Sounds like heaps! Hopefully plenty of leftover for next trip!


I would try and get to $5k if you can.

Vegas is cheap as, but SF and NY can be horribly expensive. Essentially you want money for food, entertainment, tours and travel.

I would probably try to work on $150 AUD a day to be sure (plus a little left over for emergencies). The last thing you want to do is get there and realise you have to live like a pauper just to be able to visit the places you want to see.