Spending Money in Europe


Hi everyone… I’m in the throws of some intense budgeting and I’m trying to figure out how much I can spend in Europe. I’m going on a pretty full-on holiday (most of the US, Egypt, most of the UK and Europe), and after accommodation, flights etc, I’ve tallied my spending money down to about $85AUS a day, so around 50 Euros a day. Obviously, there will be days where you spend hardly anything at all and some rather expensive days, plus I have the trusy credit card. But I just want to know if 50 Euros a day is enough to fully enjoy the tour? So if someone who has been on a tour can let me know their experiences, I’d reallyyyyyy appreciate it! :)[br][br]Allison[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Hi Allison[br][br]I have a few friends that have a done a tour and they say around 60 - 70 euros a day but as you said you may have a light day one day and a heavy one the next


Thanks Jake… I just read the TopDeck brochure and it says around 45 Euros… That doesn’t seem to be enough. I suppose I will just have to limit myself before I get to Europe, cause I don’t want to miss out on extras![br][br]Anyone else have advice??[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


It all depends on how much you drink and how many souvenirs you want to purchase.[br]I can’t remember exactly how many euro’s it was but I budgeted A$100 a day and never went without. In saying that though, I wasn’t a big drinker.[br]But, there are those days where you will spend most of the day on the bus.[br]I’ve noticed that top deck provide a lot of the meals as well which is a good thing as well.[br]You should be able to get by on 50 euro’s a day though :slight_smile:


Well, it’s a good thing I don’t drink alcohol then! =) I’m not so keen on buying many souveniers. Unless there is something really special, I don’t see the point. I’d rather use them on the optional extras.[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


I am planning on $150 a day, but am worried its not enough!


I would be more inclined to say 60 euro per day. It doesn’t take long to add up especially if you visit a few attractions in one day! Thats about how much we spent on our tour in December/January and it was low season…


I’m currently in London, and I had budgeted ?50 per day ($100AUD) and I haven’t gone over it, in fact I’ve been averaging around ?25-30 per day. Not sure what it will be like in other cities in Europe, but London is well known for being an expensive city, so I think its fairly safe to assume that 50euros per day is possible. Hope that helps. :)[br][br]-----------------[br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


Oh thanks Annik!![br][br]Have you been doing a lot of sightseeing as well? Thats how much i have budgeted for (?50 per day) but I wasnt sure if it was enough :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak