Spending money? How much?


How much spending money do you recommend taking to Europe for 6 weeks?
3 weeks of this will be on a Topdeck Tour, and 3 weeks just travelling around.


For the 3 weeks your are not on tour, do you have all your accommodation and travel cards sorted and paid for already??

It really depends on where you are travelling and what you wanna do. Check out the lonely planet guides for the country/s you are planning on going and see what they recommend as a daily budget. :slight_smile:


Nope! I think we were going to wing it a bit, and see which places we like the best from the tour and travel back to those general areas- so deciding whilst we are over there.

We won’t be doing any extensive travelling as finances are definitely limited! For me the main thing is just SEEING everything for the first time :slight_smile:
Thanks so much! Will get onto that!