Spending money for Oktoberfest 2011


Hi guys!

My friend and I are doing a 5 day camping Oktoberfest trip in 2011 and we’re figuring out how much we’ll need to get us through.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Bec,

My hubby and I and 2 mates are doing the make your own way camping for Okt Fest, we are budgeting about $350 - $450 Euro each, this should be heaps to buy beer and food :slight_smile:

P.S. We are on the same Anzac Tour as you, ive started a facebook page for it called Topdeck Anzac Day 6 day Patrol, you should join so we can all chat before we go :slight_smile:


Hey there guys,

I went to Oktoberfest this year with a few mates (you’ll have such a wicked time!!) and probably spent no more than 50-60 Euro a day each. Steins are about 8 Euro, so with tip came to 10 Euro. We probably drunk 4 a day maybe (they’re quite strong, so you can definitely feel it!) then had a bit of cash for food and rides etc at the carnival! It really depends how much you think you’ll be drinking…but I’d budget around that much per day!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Amy and Liana, both your posts are along the lines of what I was thinking!
Amy I’ve joined your facebook group :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for 2011 holidays now!


Hi guys,

How much you spend depends on how much you eat and drink! Steins over previous years have been sold at the Oktoberfest tents for between €7.50 and €9.00 for a one litre stein, however you are expected to tip your waitress, so budget about €10 per stein. These steins are one litre of 8 - 12% beer, so are quite strong.

In addition, whilst breakfasts are included at the campsite lunch and dinner are not. Food can be purchased in Munich or the Oktoberfest grounds for as little as €3 for a half metre sausage on a roll, up to €20 for a huge pork knuckle!

Apart from food and beverages it is only souvenirs you might want to spend money on, which can be as little or as much as you want! Oktoberfest hoodies are sold at the Oktoberfest grounds for about €25 to €30, beer steins are sold for between €10 and €100, etc!

Hope this helps your budgeting!

Amelia Lawrence
Festivals, Events and Ski Manager

Topdeck Travel