Spending money for egypt?


Hey guys,[br][br]I know this question gets asked alot, but ive heard egypt is pretty cheap,so wondering how much a day to allow for spending on food/optionals etc?? I was thinkin around 20-30 pounds a day… for 9 days!![br][br]Sally


I’ve been to Cairo twice (not on a tour) and 20-30 pounds sounds quite reasonable-especially since you’re going on a tour.[br][br]Things to look out for, which can potentially make your day more expensive:[br][br]1. Remember to bargain. Tourists tend to get ‘tricked’ in Egypt, so keep lowering the price-for anything.[br][br]2. A few random people will try to help you (eg carry a bag for your, or show you the way) and then expect to get paid- make sure that doesn’t happen too frequently!.[br][br]3. Taxi drivers, however, can be the worst. Make sure you don’t go with a driver that approaches you, as they usually are the ones that try to ‘cheat’ tourists. Also, always negotiate the price of the trip before you get into the car. [br][br]I know such things seem miniscule, but they’re things where you can lose quite a bit of money and it can potentially ruin your day. Other than that, Egypt is a fab place with a vibrant culture and wonderful people-so enjoy!