Spending money for America?


Hey guys and gals
I’m doing a Topdeck trip in America next year and am trying to work out about how much spending money I’ll need…
I’m not over the top into shopping but want to ensure I’ll have enough money for the trip… what do you think is a reasonable daily budget?
This isn’t including and optional activities btw - I am adding the estimated costs of that on top of the every day spending…


It does depend on where you’ll be going but I would say $70 usd is a good daily budget. Since you’re not into shopping, you should have a good time with this amount. You can get by with less if need be.


Ohh what tour are you doing? I just did the School of Rock trip in August and loved every second of it!

I totally over budgeted for my trip.
NYC was expensive but in saying that a (massive) slice of pizza for lunch can be as cheap as $1
Whilst I certainly didnt plan 5 star dining - mostly dinners at the pub or I did Wholefoods/trader joes - its like a food buffet and you pay by weight. Delicious chicken salad for about $8 - then off to the park to enjoy.

when your out of the BIG cities you will find things even cheaper.
for my trip I budgeted $50 for food - i think in the 3 weeks i was there i hit this amount maybe twice! most days was around $20-30

For the optionals - budget to do all of them - you may not do them all but incase you do at least you know you have the cash for it.

@byronishere - is right though, around $70 is a good amount!
some days you’ll barely spend anything (bus/travel days) - others you may spend more but will even out in the end.

I wrote the below post when I got back from my trip - it might have some helpful tips in there for you.

Yell out if you have other questions - I’d be happy to help if i can :smile:



Thanks heaps!!! I was thinking around $50 to $70 so glad to know I am on the right track…
leah_mh I’m booked on the Roadtrip USA…


Awesome!! you’ll have the best time!! :smile:


Erika, Leah, have shared good stuff here and like him would love to say good luck or this. hope you will back with long-lasting memories. I am so keen to know your good experience with this. hope you will let us know.

Do you know about day trips from las vegas?