Spending money and tipping?


Hi there[br][br]I?m thinking about doing a Topdeck trip this year. I?m trying to work out a budget. I?ll probably do one of the euroclub trips. I?ve seen that they say you should budget about 45 euro?s per day. Can anyone who?s done a tour tell me if this is right? [br][br]Also, what about tipping of the tour leader, driver and cook? Do we have to tip? I?ve heard that some tour operators force you to tip at the end of the tour. Does Topdeck do that? I don?t mind giving a tip, but only if I?m happy that the crew have done a good job. [br][br]Feed back please!!![br][br]


i did most of western europe back in 2002. and budgeted 12000 aussie for 4 months trekking. it just depend on what you want to do. at the time that 12000 was only ?7200. so i ended up on average ?60 a day for food, accomodation and sights. if you are looking at travel guides (lonely planet, rough guide, footprints, etc) look at the guide then say times it by 1.15 and that will give you a guide on how much to have in the kitty[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last