Spain - Travel buddy/Questions


Hey guys,

I’m travelling around in Spain for ten days leading up to my Topdeck tour. Am going solo, so would love to chat to anyone who will be there the same time as me (Aug 27th - Sept 9th)! Would be great to meetup ;D

I would also love some help…any suggestions on using your mobile in Spain? Is it cheap & easy to pick up a local simcard there…if so, where can they be purchased? I’ve seen so many writeups on the forum saying that it’s really expensive getting global roaming.

Also has anyone travelled using the trains in Spain? Just wondering if it’s reasonably cheap or quite expensive to get around this way? I find the train websites aren’t so user-friendly.

Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:


You will pickup a sim card in any country, one issue is a lot of them the packaging isn’t printed in english which can make it difficult to get going… i’ve been looking at sims the last few days, some of the travel ones aren’t bad, one of the better ones I’ve seen so far is “go sim”, just checking the rates it’s 67c per minute Spain to Australia, no connection fee… free to receive calls and txt, and txt is 39c per message to send… the data charges are crazy though (48c per MB - for data I would stick to Wifi if you can).


Sweet, thanks for that Trent. Sooooo much to organise when you’re travelling ay! and keeping in touch with my family is priority for me…as well as seeing the sights, experiencing the culture, tasting the beautiful food, meeting great people including the locals etc etc… Will be awesome. Just hope to chat (before i go) to a few ppl who’ll be in Spain the same time as me :slight_smile:


yeah tell me about it, we’re off in six weeks so starting to get the little things sorted…
last time I was in europe I didn’t have a phone (I took one but it ended up being network locked which stuffed me up! - so make sure your phone isn’t network locked!)… but it really didn’t cause an issue, I kept in touch via email with friends and family (usually wifi on iphone, and then try and get on an internet cafe terminal once every couple of days, which was easy as most hostels have them).


Hi! maybe I’m late with my answer, but I can’t keep silent)) I was in Barcelona with my girlfriend. There are two unforgettable days in our life. We have visited our friends and riding scooter with them. I did not even know that in Barcelona there is such service. Can advise you to visit


Spain is a really memorable place to visit, I never had that long journey, but recently when I went for 3-4 days, it was incredible experience especially in Granada, I stayed at Hotel Villa Oniria where I just had to pay $52 which is incredible considering the kind of facilities which were available, so I really enjoyed my trip!


In case you are looking for travel buddies, I would suggest you to read these articles - it helped me to realize a lot of important information about travelling with unknown people and ther’s a lot of interresting tips on other things as well…


Spain is a storied country of stone castles, and is a really memorable place to visit,


hi paulacooper, As far as the train is concerned I suggest you to look for a good transfer service to reach your final destination in comfort. Beacuse the trains have their timings which may late and also the costs are too high here.
Alicante to benidorm airport transfer


Spain is a really memorable place to visit.


Spain is really a nice place to visit.