I was wondering what souvineers people buy or plan on buying. Seeing we are limited with weight which made me start to think what should I buy. I was thinking of collecting post cards from all the places I go. I know some people buy shot glasses, magnets and key rings, not many people really buy spoons anymore which made we wonder what people are buying.

I guess you could buy clothing or something from a particular place rather than the same item from each destination. What are your thoughts or what have you done?



when I was younger (8yrs old) i collected shot glasses when we travelled now they sit in a box never to be seen. I have also collected postcards which also sit in a box. I have started collected badges/pins from destinations that I have on a pin board in my house. Everybody loves checking them all out and seeing all the places I’ve been. There are nice & light and don’t cost to much.


Hey Sally I buy jewellery now. I love that every time I wear it it reminds me of places I have been. I have a drawer full of postcards etc that never see the light of day to.


I was planning on getting postcards and displaying them in multi-picture photo frames. The badges thing is a cool idea too.


Cailtin, I just might have to steal that idea :wink: thanks!


I love the badges and pins idea!! Might just steal that one :wink:


A guy on my last trip did t-shirts… he only took a couple with him then bought a new one with at each stop, something touristy…


yes,it’s very cool idea…


I buy a magnet at every place I go- they’re easy to pack and I love it when I walk into my kitchen and see them all displayed. Plus if you have to move house or combine households etc they’re easy to accommodate.

As for other souvenirs, I just buy what I like, I don’t go searching for the ‘perfect’ souvenir. Just because it doesn’t have the name of the place splashed on it doesn’t make it not a souvenir- one of my favourite souvenirs from my trip to Canada is just a jumper I bought randomly- could’ve bought something similar in Australia, but it brings back memories when I wear it and people compliment it and I say I bought it in Canada.

I’m making an exception to my ‘perfect’ souvenir rule when I go to Russia this year though- I refuse to come home without a Matryoshka doll- the problem will be stopping myself from buying them for everyone I know!!!


Last time I went away I bought a Pandora bracelet and filled it with a charm from every city I visited. Now every time I wear it I think of the places I went and how much fun I had.

But I’m with jenno86 on the Matryoshka doll - I’m getting one too!!


My mom and I have started to purchase Christmas Ornaments from all the places we have traveled. YOu can find some really unique ones, and when I can’t find any, a key chain (which I later run ribbon threw) will work in a pinch! I don’t like to spend a ton of time searching for something to remind myself, and I hate storing kitschy things, so this worked well for me!

I also write myself a postcard for every place I go, that way I remember what I did when I was there, and I have the postcard/picture. I like the idea of displaying them…

I also LOVE the patch/button idea!! I used to collect buttons when I was younger! I may just have to steal that idea!!


I was thinking that I would buy a newspaper from each new city and keep the front(and joining back) page, then when I get home I was going to create a collage out of it on top of a piece of board, and maybe scatter a few photos on top for something extra :slight_smile:


That sounds fantastic Holly!!


I collected cloth patches from each place i went to, and a tea towel of that country, and i have sewn the patched onto the tea towel, these are great to frame and hang, and the more you travel you add to it, its nice to show people where you have been.


I collected keyrings from everywhere I went. I have only just got back & am planning on connecting them all together so the images will all hang alongside each other & I can see all the places I have been. Only problem is I visited alot of places & that many keyrings can become very very heavy to have to transport from place to place!

One of the other girls on my trip collected shot glasses but they took up heaps of space in her bag & were also quite heave - she wishes she chose postcards!


I collect magnets because they are small and everyone checks them out on the fridge when they come over. I can’t wait to add some from Europe to my collection. I have heaps from Australia.