Southwest states La to New oreans (13th july)


Anybody doing this tour im going alone cant wait :slight_smile: Im from ireland and only heard of topdeck , went on a contiki before and was amazing so im so excited for this trip :slight_smile:


Im doing the other half of this trip that leaves from New Orleans and heads up to New York, i will be on my own as well, would love some company in New Orleans the night of the 25th July(when i arrive). :slight_smile:


Hey Shaun,

I’ll be on the LA to NYC trip starting 13th July so i’m guessing your section will be the first half of the trip i’m on. I’ll be in LA on the 10th July if you want to try to catch up before hand to see the sights before the road trip begins. Hopefully hear from you soon and if not will probably see you in a couple of months. :slight_smile:


Yes! I’m going on this tour - it’s my first time doing a contiki-style tour on my own, so it’s going to be interesting.
So exciting though!
Is anyone else staying a few more days in New Orleans like I am? :slight_smile:


Hey Bronte, Im staying a few nights in New Orleans as well… but as Im writing this Im thinking Ive already told you on the Topdeck app… perhaps I should check if youve replied to that! :stuck_out_tongue: Ive heard about these amazing donuts in New Orleans that Im super keen to try when we get there… should be so much fun!!! Can’t wait to meet you all!
And Shaunac Im so glad a non Australian is coming on this tour too! :stuck_out_tongue: haha…