Southwest States (ex New Orleans) 5Nov-19Nov 2017


I have just booked on this trip travelling Solo from New Zealand. Anyone else on this tour? What are people doing at the end of the trip, I am spending 3 days in LA.


Hi Zalena.
I am on the same tour, travelling solo from Western Australia.
At the end of the trip, I’m planning on making my way up the west coast and inland a bit to visit yellowstone and finish off in Big White for a week of snowboarding.
I was also planning on spending 3-4 days in LA as part of my trip up the coast.

Have you got any plans for the end of the trip?




I’m doing this tour too! Are you guys excited? I’m doing it solo too. Staying in LA after for 2 days aswell. Where are you staying and what are you planning on doing? We don’t get to do much In LA the last day hey?



Yes it’s getting so close now. I am staying at the Freehand. I havent set anything in stone for LA but are wanting to do universal studios possibly warner bros and venise beach other than that will just see where things take me. By looking at the itinerary doesn’t seem like we do much at all in LA.

What are your guys plans