Southrn Escape


Hey everyone!
I am thinking of doing this tour solo between end of December to the end of January. Anyone done this tour before or thinking of doing it?


Hey Danielle, saw ur not only considering doing an African tour but also an Egypt tour; thats exactly was Ive got planned this Nov Dec.
Im hitting up Southern Sun Tour Nov 20th something, for 3weeks, and then Ultimate egypt from Dec 12th for 3weeks, if your still thinking of ideas would be cool to see you on either of these tours


Yeaa im considering doing both. I can’t wait i think it will be an amazing experience. Have you ever done topdeck before? I am think now more of the end of january for me if i decided to do both to save money:P. Let me know how the tours are:)


Hey Danielle, yea I did a European Winter tour with TopDeck - it blew my mind, so thought Id go larger this yr round with africa and egypt.
No doubt ull love it!! TopDeck tours are such an epic way to travel, party, and see the countries with some amazing people