Southern Nomad--Money money money!


Hey everyone!

Im plannin on doing the Southern Nomad sometime in July or August but Ive got some questions about the all important…MONEY! Seeing the itenerary, it appears that lodging, transport, 90% of food and tours in cities are covered. That seems to me to be the bulk of it already anyways. However, it seems that it is still recommended that we budget for about 60 euros a day. Isnt that heaps per day??

I understand that entry fees to attractions + optional excursions arent covered and the rest really depends on each individual (ie; entertainment, shopping etc). Id just like to know what you guys think or have experienced. Ive never done a contiki/topdeck trip before and I really need to plan my budget. Please help! :o)

Thanks in advance folks!!



I guess spending comes in a number of categories:

  1. Attractions - as an example, the Louvre in Paris is €12. If you buy a souvenier postcard, this will be another €2.50
  2. Lunch - you’ll need to budget around €15 a day for this, which is something to eat and drink. A coke will set you back about €3.50
  3. Drinks after dinner - this can vary significantly depending on what country you’re in. 2 drinks a night will cost about €10.
  4. Options - these are things like sky-diving, gondola rides etc. This will very much depend very much on what memories you want to have but if you average one in every major this will be about about €125 for your trip.

So, if you average this out per day, you have €12+€15+€10+€20 = €57 per day.

Hope this helps
Stacey ;D


Hey there!

Thanks for the reply…helps loads!