Southern Nomad: 13Sep - 22 Sep 2012


Hey guys, im doing the Southern Nomad tour departing 13 September from London. Been trying to get people on this tour but no luck so far. Its my first Europe tour (will be in London from the 11th), seems like i’ll be travelling solo as well coz my friend might be bailing on me :’(. Sooo im kinda freaking out coz im really really reaaally bad with directions and i have to get from Gatwick Airport to the Clink 78. I’m hoping to meet up with people who will also be there before hand so i dont dont look completely psyco, lol. (I have traveled through the US before but cleary it doesnt count now) HELP!!!


Hey…I’ll be on this trip too and travelling solo :slight_smile: I think Clink is right near Kings Cross station so hopefully you wont go too far wrong.
I’ve done 2 topdeck trips in the past, they’ve always been awesome…if you want to add me on FB to chat more then feel free… Kedders Facebook

Maybe chat to you soon…Karen