Southern Exposure November 6th!


Hey Guys,

anyone booked on this tour?
so excitedddd! I’m travelling solo from Melbourne but doing the Stars and stripes tour before hand :slight_smile:



Hey Jordy

I’m going on this one as well! Finalise my booking tomorrow :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Are you finishing NYC or Washington?

I’m also travelling solo but from Brisbane, can’t wait!



Hey Jess!

That’s awesome :blush:
I’m finishing in New York and then flying home the following day, how about you? :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m finishing in Washington and gonna travel up to NYC separately that day so I can spend a few nights in New York. Then I’m flying across to San Fran for a few nights before heading home :grinning:

I added a countdown app the other day and we’re in the 60’s! So close now :grin::smile:

I’ve started seeing a few more people posting about this trip so I think it’s gonna be mostly full :+1::blush:


yep, so close!
i’ll be doing the stars and stripes tour before this one, so it’s seriously getting close.

trying to prepare everything!
we should defiantly organise a FB group !!


Ooh, that’s gonna be great! Stars and Stripes looks awesome😊 I’m going over to San Fran after I finish the tour before I head home. Ive been to la and Vegas on a previous trip, ur gonna have a blast!

I need to start figuring out the clothes to take, I reckon it’s gonna start getting pretty cold by the time we’re there and they don’t let u take a huge bag :grin:

Absolutely on the Facebook group as well, my name on there is Jessica Leigh Muller :slight_smile:



apologies for the delay, just added you on facebook and will then make the group :slight_smile: