Southern Exposure, Jan 2nd from New York


Hey guys! I’ve just booked the Southern Exposure tour, departing New York on Jan. 2nd. Anyone else on this trip? :grinning:


not sure if this trip is alongside the Road trip but my road trip from NY to LA leaves NY on 2/1/17 so may be on a bus with you for a while!! :grinning:


Southern exposure is a combination of school of rock and southern charm, so I dont think we will cross paths! :frowning:


The southern Charm is the exact same as the first leg of the USA roadtrip so I think they do it together and the southern charmers just finish in Miami while the other crew continue on


My trip does school of rock first, then southern charm starts of the 11th of Jan or thereabouts


Ill be doing this tour you’re doing too! (i was going to PM you but just got this account and don’t know how to yet :confused: lol) So excited for it!!!


Hi all, there is a FB group for this tour. Called “Topdeck SE 2017”…join up!