Southern Exposure in November


I was just wondering if there is anyone else doing the ‘southern exposure’ trip in November. At this stage I will be travelling alone from Australia and it would be great to know people before going.

Also if anyone can recommend good, clean, not expensive hotels to stay in nyc, as I will be staying two days before and one night before heading back home, I will be very appreciative.

Hope to hear back from some of you soon,

Alana :slight_smile:


I am looking at doing the 6-26 November with 3 days in NY before hand. Travelling alone, from Perth




I’m also from Aus travelling alone from Bundy doing the November ‘Southern Exposure’, however I’m only spending the one day in NYC and then 2 days after in LA. But it would be nice to also know some people before going.

Jess :smiley:


I’m doing the stars and stripes tour and then the southern exposure on November 6th :slight_smile:
I can’t wait!!
I’m from Melbourne, Vic :slight_smile: