Southern Exposure 6th - 26th November


Hey Guys,

I’m booked on this tour for after I do the Stars and Stripes tour :slight_smile:
anyone else booked on this tour?

I’m From Melbourne, Vic and travelling soloooooo.

Jordy xo


Hi Jordy

I am also booked on this tour, travelling solo from Bundaberg, QLD.

Jess :slight_smile:


Oh yay!
I’m getting to Los Angeles on the 23rd before hand!
When are you getting in? :blush:


I don’t get into NYC until the night of the 5th unfortunately due to work. And then spending 2 nights in LA after the tour.


Oh fair enough. I’m doing the Stars and Stripes on the 25th and then I’m in New York with that your prior to the southern exposure starting on the 6th so worked out well :slightly_smiling_face: