Southern Exposure 18 September 2016


Hi guys,

Just wondering if there’s anyone else booked in on this trip yet? I start on the Stars and Strips tour and then start this one. I am finishing off in DC but thinking of extending and spending a couple of extra nights in New York?

Let me know!


Hi Teaghan,

My name is Will

I am also booked on the Soutern Exposure 18 September 2016 Tour.

I am doing the finish in Washington DC Tour as well.

After the tour i am probably going to have about 5 nights in DC (as my parents moved from Aus and are now living there), and i am also going to have 3 nights in LA, before i fly back.

I am having 1 night in New York before the tour.

I work as a travel agent so i have been able to get some good deals on this tour and some accommodation.

Cant wait until the tour starts


Hey @WillBa95 !!

So glad to finally find someone else doing this tour!

Sounds great, I decided to come home from Washington on the 7th instead of going back to New York.

Where abouts are you travelling from?



I am travelling from Adelaide in Australia.

I will be having 5 nights in DC with my Parents, then flying to LA and having 3 nights there before i fly home on the 14th of October.

I cant wait until this tour starts.

I’m having one night in New York before the tour starts, are you staying for a bit in New York before the tour?

Where will you be travelling from?


Hello @WillBa95

So I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour before hand which finishes on the first day of this tour which works out perfectly, so I’ll be in New York for 3 nights before the tour starts because that’s where Stars and Stripes finishes.

I’m so excited! Even had a dream about it last night haha.

I’m coming from the Gold Coast :slight_smile:


Hey @teaghan1993

I am thinking off setting up a facebook group for our trip so everyone can get to know each other before the trip.

If you want add me on facebook (

I could only get 4 weeks of work, so i wish i could have more time in New York but i think i will only be able to have the 1 night.

What airline are you flying (are you going out of Brisbane?)? I’m flying United out of Sydney to San Fran then San Fran to New York (Newark).



So I’m leaving Brisbane flying direct to LA cause that’s where my first tour starts.

Yep definitely! Let me know the name of the page on Facebook and I’ll join it :slight_smile:


Hey… I’m thinking of doing this tour too… Is there a Facebook page for it? Feel free to add me to discuss… Search Angela Waters

School of Rock 18 Sep 2016 ex NYC

Hey @Angela_Waters!

Nope there’s not a Facebook page for it yet, I don’t think @WillBa95 made one yet :smile:

Definitely do it! It’s going to be so much fun! I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour before hand too.


Hey @Angela_Waters and @teaghan1993

Sorry about the delay but i have set up the facebook group.

I have been a bit busy with work and i completely forgot about the group, but it is all set up know.

Here is the group

If the link doesnt work, add me at and i will add you to the group.

Angela you should definitely do this tour if you can, it looks awesome.

Look forward to chatting to you guys on there


Hi I start on start on Stars and Stripes September 20th 2016 , flying from new York afterwards to san fran then driving from san fran in a mustang to La via a couple of spots …


Hi. My names Matt and I have booked into this tour too. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and can not wait.
Chat soon


Hey Matt, nice to hear from you!

Have you joined the facebook group?

Not long to go now!


Hi guys!

Just saying hi. I will be on the School of Rock tour, ex NYC, 18 Sep 2016, so will see you guys on that portion of your tour.


Hi @Chani1


Can’t wait!! Have you joined the facebook group?



Cool, not yet, will go join it.


Hey folks!


Hey folks! (Not sure what happened with the last post!).

I’m Jo, my brother and I are coming along for the adventure- a matter of days away now…

Looking forward to hanging out (and have requested to join the FB group).



Awesome!! Can’t wait :slight_smile: I only have 4 more sleeps to go til I leave for my first tour so I’m so excited!!