Southern Explorer Nov 04-10


I’m from Los Angeles, booked a trip for Southern Explorer Nov 04-10 any other solo travelers that would like to meet up? :slight_smile: I’ll be arriving a day early on Friday 3rd.


Hi Karen ill be on the same tour and arriving a day early too! Flying solo on this adventure for the first time and cant wait to finally visit NZ!


How exciting! same here, first time flying solo overseas. where are you coming from?


I’m from Melbourne, Australia so not to far from Nz but never been. So super excited :grin:


oh nice! so you’re not too far, you have a short flight LOL super excited as well :slight_smile:


Hi Karen did you want to meet up on the 3rd. Im arriving on the 2nd and will have the 3rd free to explore christchurch :hugs:
Also have you downloaded the topdeck app?


I will do the some trip with you guys, looking forward to see you. I’m from Brisbane, first time travel overseas alone, so exciting!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


yeah for sure! I land at 3pm on Friday 3rd. where are you staying at?. I haven’t downloaded the app yet, have you?


how exciting! i’ll be flying over from the states (Los Angeles)


You’ve got a long flight Karen!! Yes if your up for it lets def catch up.
Yup ive downloaded the app. You just need your top deck travel ref and it will have all the info of our tour. There is a chat room there for our fellow travellers.


Hi neo! Thought i would be a larry loner but it seems that there are a few of us flying solo on this tour. Can’t wait either not long to go see you in nz!!