Southern Explorer depart Aug 04


Hey friends :smile:
Anyone here booked for the Southern Explorer in NZ departing 4th August?
Hope to hear from some of you :smiley:


Hi there!

Yes I am and I’ll be travelling solo!
So hopefully I won’t be the only one but I look forward to meeting new people and going on this mad adventure :smiley:


Oh awesome! Where are you flying in from and when do you get to Christchurch?


Flying in from Sydney the day before the tour. What about you?


Haha awesome so am I. I land around midday the day before. Are you staying at one of the backpackers there?


Cool I think we may land around the same time. Sorry to be such a rookie but private message me so we can chat. :smiley:


Hey guys,

I am doing the pure adrenaline trip which is a part of this trip just a few days extra, I am travelling solo, and I can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile: see you guys in Christchurch :slight_smile:


any update on what the trip is like?!


Hey, I’m thinking about booking myself onto this trip :)! Traveling to Sydney after the tour has finished… if anyone else is :)? X


If anyone is on Facebook, would love to make a big group chat. Where we can all chat :)?