Southern Explorer 11-17th July


Hi my names Alani from the Gold Coast just wanting to meet other from my tour before we head off! :heart:


Hi Alani, I just booked today!! I am heading over from Brisbane. My first solo trip so I’m excited and freaking out at the same time :wink:


Hi I’m Dominika, I just booked mine today! I’m from Adelaide and my first solo trip tooo!!! :smiley:


I know it is still some time to go but are you planning on pre-booking any activities, especially in Queenstown?


Hi Zoe,

One activity I definitely wanted to do was skydiving so Ill probably book that one in advance, but I am actually staying in queenstown for the snow a week beforehand so I am gonna play it by ear if anybody else is doing particular activities from the group. I’m sure there are many companies and wouldn’t sell out as it’s touristic location. :slight_smile:

Any you have in mind??


Hey guys… I’m doing this trip as well! Just finalised my booking today! :slight_smile:


Haven’t planned on any activities yet might just see how I go saving and play it by ear! I’d love to sky dive and possible bungy again! Can’t wait to meet all of you :blush:


I haven’t planned anything yet either. Bungy is definitely on the wish list and I guess I can’t go with Queenstown without doing the Shotover. They have had their first lot of snow this week apparently so it should be awesome by the time we are there! Can’t wait!!!


Hey girls! Im doing the Pure Adrenalin which is part of this trip, mine just goes for 3 days longer. I’m so excited to see New Zealand :slight_smile: I’ve booked 4 nights in Queenstown before the tour starts to do a bit of snowboarding, where are you staying in Queenstown Dommy?
I really want to to the Canyon Swing, it looks amazing!!!



Hey Casey,

I booked a place through airbnb, where people just hire out rooms. 5km out from the city centre. Let us know what days you going snowboaring, I booked through to go to remarkable and cornet peak. I’ve snowboarded before but my friend hasn’t so depending what level we can head to places together. 5-th-9th were snowboarding. Would be great to meet you beforehand up on the slopes and a night out at queenstown. Add me on facey :slight_smile: Dominika Kapka


Hey Dommy,

I’m staying at the Base Backpackers and will definitely be keen for a night out in Queenstown :slight_smile: I booked a 3day pass with NZ ski aswell but from the 7-10th. I booked a lesson on the first day but will be keen to meet up depending if im up to your level or not haha
I’ll add you on FB now :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m doing the Pure Adrenalin tour I think thats the same one? 11th July - 21st. Keen to do a few activities, maybe try snowboard, the fox glacier helihike and the canyon swing!!


Hey Zoe are you in Christchurch at the moment!?


Hey guys! If anyone is staying at the break free on cashel tonight let me know! I’m here :blush:


I’m at Jailhouse tonight!


Oh damn I was going to stay there ! Last minute change… I’m not sure if that’s near here at all


Hi Megan, I’m currently down stairs with casey on those red fluro chairs!
Dom X


Oh I’ll come say hi! :slight_smile:


Bit late now, but they look to be about 30 - 40min walk apart. The Orange line bus goes past the Jailhouse, from town/exchange/interchange get a bus headed towards Halswell and get off I think at the stop after the Burger King which is at the lights just over the railway line (about 10mins from the exchange). Cash fare is $4 though (one free transfer within 2 hours).