Southern Charm NYC TO Miami. Ex 3rd July


Hey guys
So excited for these trips I’m a fun girl from Australia and I can’t wait.
I’ll be doing somo solo time plus a topdeck on the west coast and then am here on the east cost for another. I’ll be in NYC for 6 days prior and a few days later so it would be fun to start meeting who’s in our crew - let me know!
Inga xx


Hi Inga,

I’m from Melbourne and will be on the Road Trip USA tour leaving on the 3rd (Southern Charm makes up the first half of the tour). I will also be in NYC for 6 days prior to the trip, so I decided to go on the 3 day I Love NYC tour which starts on the 1st.

Fourth of July in Washington DC is going to be awesome! But so is the rest of the trip I’m sure :smile:



Hey Phill

Awesome, you will have to tell me all the tips and tricks the NYC tour was sold out when i tried to book it!




I’m doing the roadtrip USA departing NY 3rd July. I will be in the USA for 3 weeks prior to the tour with some friends and then will be traveling solo for the tour.

I’m looking forward to meeting you :slightly_smiling_face:



@Jo_Perry Hey cool, I’m doing something similar with my friends in Chile for the 3 weeks before the tour then traveling solo in USA. This’ll be the longest trip I’ve done solo, but I couldn’t pass it up with all the great places to see!

@Inga_Lederhaus Wow, I wasn’t expecting that tour to be sold out, since there is no travelling involved for it. Must be all the joining tour groups. With the “I Love NYC” tour, it is just booking with the hotel Topdeck are using for tours (with some extra inclusions) and I assume where the Southern Charm / Road Trip tour starts from. I decide to make this booking rather than make my way across the city from somewhere else for the early start. You should be able to book at the hotel (again assuming it is the starting point of the tour), just give Topdeck a call if that is something you would want to do.

Look forward to meeting you both, Phill.


I’ll be in NY for 9 days before the tour starts. We are staying at tryp south Times Square.


Hey everyone, I’ve just booked this trip :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting everyone!

I’m going to be in New York for 5 days (possibly 6 or 7) prior to the start of the tour, would be great to meet some of you and explore NY city.
@Inga_Lederhaus have you made plans?


Hey @luke10 nup haven’t made any plans yet, my friend just got back and told me of some good tours and places to visit etc but haven’t actually gone ahead and booked anything. I’ll be there for a week before the tour!


@Inga_Lederhaus I haven’t got any plans yet either. I’m going to be in California for two weeks and then flying over to NY so I’m looking for something to do whilst I’m there. What tours did you hear about to do in NY?