Southern charm New York to Miami July 2016


Is anyone else thinking about doing the 10 day southern charm tour from New York to Miami? :blush:


Hi there, I’m doing the Road Trip USA (ex NYC) starting on the 3rd July. I think Southern Charm makes up the first 10 days of my trip and then continues on to LA. When is your trip starting?


Hi Hailey I’m doing the American Dream tour starting the 5th of July, the southern charm tour makes up the second half of it (17th -26th July) :slight_smile:


when were you thinking of doing this?? @phizz I’m doing that part of the tour as well cause I’m doing american dream 21st JUNE 2016 @Nicki_Jacobs @hailz639


I’m doing the American Dream 5th July 2016 :slight_smile: @bendunthorne


Cool, I wasn’t aware of the American Dream tour before. I’ll be doing the I Love NYC tour on the 1st before the Road Trip USA tour, so I’ll be enjoying NYC with you guys (American Dream) and the Stars and Strips lot.


hey guys im doing the southern charm exiting NYC 3rd July are you all on it?


hey inca yeah your on our trip :slight_smile: im doing amercian dream, leaving LA 21st june and then leaving NYC 3rd July so cant wait:) i see your from perth so theres already a few of us on this trip from perth :slight_smile:
i also started a facebook chat and group so add me on facebook and ill add you to the groups


Done @bendunthorne :ok_hand:


Hey guys, I’m also booked on this trip, looking forward to meeting you all. It seems like there’s going to be a good group of us representing Perth :ok_hand:


hey luke just add me on facebook
and ill add ya to the group chat


hi @hailz639 im doing nyc to miami 3rd july


I’m doing road trip USA departing NY 3rd July. I believe the southern charm makes up the first part of this trip. I’m traveling solo. I can’t wait to meet you all.