Southern Charm ex NYC 24th oct 2017 (part of 27 day road trip)


Hey solo traveller here, from Perth Western Australia, just seeing if theres anyone else here doing the tour from this day ? I know it’s in like a day but didn’t think about posting until now, wanting to get to know at least one other person before going! :grinning:


Hi Nicole,
I’m thinking of doing this tour next year!
I just wanted to ask for your opinion about this tour :smiley:


Hey dude,
I reckon you should do it, such a great experience! I do wish I did the full 27 days or whatever it was though. It was amazing going at Halloween with all the theme parks done up it was so good!


That sounds awesome!!
I’ll be going around August this year.
Did you end up staying in NY and Miami before/after the tour or did you only do this tour in the US??

Sorry I’m asking you all these questions


Haha it’s good asking questions!
Nah I stayed in the HI hostel in NYC the night before as I was already in USA and was at my dads in Virginia so I took the greyhound up to NYC the night before, and with Miami I didn’t stay after the tour I went back to Virginia. Most of the crew stayed at the hotel that they give you the night before though and they said it was decent haha. The guys that stopped in Miami as well stayed in Miami but they got their own accom in hostels etc :slight_smile: