Southern Charm Ex NYC 15th May



Is anyone doing the Southern Charm tour on the 15th May departing NYC. I am a solo traveller from the UK, would be good to get to know people before the tour starts.




Hi Zoe! I’m on this trip too :smile: solo travelling from Canada


Hi Nadine,

Hope you are well and looking forward to the tour. Add me on facebook Zoe Batt so we can chat before we go, not long now


Hi you two, I’m also doing this tour :grin: I’m from New Zealand. X


Awww thats great, add me on facebook and we can talk before. Very excited. Are you spending anytime in New York before the tour?


What’s your Facebook name there’s a couple coming up? We are doing the NYC tour before the southern charm tours starts so will be in NY for 5days :wink: how about you?


Hi Nicky! Add me on Facebook, Nadine Brown :slight_smile: Would be great to chat… see you both in two weeks…ish