Southern Charm 29 Sep (ex Miami)



I’m will.

I will be doing this tour from Miami, however i will be doing the Southern Exposure which is a combination of this tour and School of Rock, so we do half of Coast to Coast then we fly to Miami and join this trip.

I am a single travelling from Adelaide, Australia.

Would be great to chat and meet some other people from this trip.


Hi Will,
thanks for creating the page so we can all stay in touch. My best friend connie and i are from Newcastle NSW.

Were staying 5 nights in LA and 1 night in miami before the trip and a further 5 to 6 nights in NY after the trip.

Cant wait :smile:



Hey guys!

I will be on this trip too. Can’t wait.

Quick question, how are you guys organising your money for this trip?

I am looking into a travel card but there are just so many options! Trying to get everyone’s opinions on travel cards as I’m getting mixed reviews.

Thanks :slight_smile:


im using my qantas card ( qantas cash) i use dit last year and it was awesome. before that i used the cash passport when i went to canada and it was really good also, just expensive as they charge you a percentage of the load amount when you add currency


but it was reliable and had no problems being excepted.


Hey @superstarem

Glad to meet some other people doing this trip.

I am having 1 Night in New York after this trip then 5 nights in DC after then 4 Night in LA after.

I have used a Qantas Cash card when i have been overseas as well, and i found them really good


Hey @teaghan1993

I will be using my Qantas Card for this trip, which you can sign up to online.

It’s easy because you can just transfer AUS dollars onto you card by bank transfer then convert it into US dollars on the card.

Once you have your money loaded onto the card in US dollars, if you change your default currency to US then you wont pay any fees, the card will also give you a pin which you can use to withdraw money from an ATM, so Qantas Cash or Virgin Global Wallet would be your best bet, otherwise you could buy a Multiple Currency Passport/Card but i found the Qantas Cash card to be really good.


Hey @WillBa95 & @superstarem

Thanks for your help with the travel cards :slight_smile: ended up going with a CBA one, seems pretty good!

Was just wondering if you guys were
planning on going to a themepark in Orlando and which one?

I am probably going to go to Universal and get a park hopper so I can go to both parks and add on express pass so I don’t have to wait in crazy lines.

There’s also a Halloween event on in the night which I am thinking of adding on as I reakon it’ll be pretty cool!

Talk soon!


Hey @teaghan1993 and @superstarem

Yes i think we have a free day in Orlando to go to the themeparks

When i went to USA as a kid we went to Universal studios and it was good, so i was thinking about going to Disney World as i have not been before.

But i am chilled so i am happy to just do what everyone else is doing, Universal is really cool and i would love to go again but i think a park hopper or something like that would be good as would the express pass to avoid the crazy lines.

Halloween is the 31st of October 2016 and our trip will be done by then so not sure what halloween event will be on as it will still be a few weeks away while we are in USA on this trip.

A Park to Park Ticket with Express Pass, gives you access to Universal Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida with the express pass to skip all the lines and this starts at about $220US dollars, so i think something like that might be the best option what do you think?
There is also a Wet n Wild and Sea World, there is so many options but i think you just have to choose one as we wont have time to do them all.

I think the hotel in Orlando is right near the theme parks which is good


@teaghan1993 @superstarem

I have just been on Universal website and i think it would interest me more than Disney World as i think Disney world is more suited towards kids and families so i think for people are age especially Harry Potter fans Universal Orlando looks better so i think the $220.00US ticket option would be the best option.


Hey gang,
connie and i are going to hit disneyland in LA as neither of us have been before and would love to do either or both Disneyworld or universal. im a massive harry potter fan, my bestie is not but shes a fan of rides etc so im sure we will do at least one oft the parks.

i looked on google maps using the accom details out of our info pack and we are right down the road from the parks which is awesome

Em :slight_smile:


Yay, glad you found somethign that will work for you :slight_smile:



I am not going to book anything and i am going wait until the day before the theme parks to see what everyone is doing and then i will book something the night before.

But yes i am thinking Universal as well, but i will see what everyone else is doing.

Only 5 months to go now, not long to go!


Hey guys :slight_smile:

@WillBa95 if you look on the Universal website there are various nights in September and October that the Hallooween event is on, not just the actual night or few days around Halloween. I reakon it’ll be pretty cool, an authentic Halloween in America!

@superstarem I am a massive Harry Potter fan too so I am super excited to go there! If you go to Universal and get the park hopper (cause Universal actually has two parks) you can ride the Hogwarts Express between parks haha so cool!

Have you & Connie joined the facebook page Will created? If you like add me on Facebook and I will add you to the group. Just search Teaghan Hornby and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that comes up. If not my picture is me drinking a cocktail!


@WillBa95 @teaghan1993 not long now guys. counting down the days till i finish work :slight_smile:


Hey everyone.

Pretty sure I’ll be joining you guys on the trip from Miami to new York!

Can’t wait you all. It’s getting close now. Only a few weeks left of work!