Southeast states - New Orleans to NYC 26 Jul 13


Is anybody else doing this tour and planning on spending a few nights in NYC after??


Hey! I am thinking of doing this tour and I was also thinking of doing a few days in NYC after. Is it July you are going? I havent booked anything yet . Gem =)


Hey Gem, 26th July is the departure date that im booked on :slight_smile: Have you booked anything yet??


Is anyone doing the coast to coast LA - NYC tour that leaves LA on the 13th July by any chance?? I heard the New Orleans to NYC tour that leaves New Orleans on 26th July is the second half of this tour. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m on the LA to NYC trip starting 13th July so looks like i might be seeing you in a couple of months. Any questions or if you want to try to organize anything pre trip let me know as I’ll be keen to have some people to hang out with before and after the trip. :wink:


Hey Tim,

I have already booked accom and a 48hr hop on hop off pass in NYC after the tour!!
Would be awesome if a few other people wanted to do the same otherwise i will be all on my lonesome lol
What are your plans while in NYC?


Hey Everyone, myself and a mate now booked ready to go. This will be the first tour i have been on, mostly a freelance traveller so lets make this an unforgettable experience. We will be staying in NewYork for minimum one week after this tour ends, not the first time either its so big and amazing. Would anyone be interested in joining a facebook group for this tour if there isnt already one?


Hey Cam,

There is an app you can get on your iphone if you have one called top deck meet!
It connects us to facebook, dl it, i have already started this trip on it :slight_smile:
Are you spending any time in New Orleans before the tour?