South East Sprint Dec 30 2017


Is anyone going on this trip? I’ve just booked it today I’m super keen :grin:


I’m going on this trip too! Are you solo travelling?


Yeah sure am! Where are you from? I’m in Adelaide, Australia :slight_smile:


I’m solo too! I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand!!


Oh yay! I’m so excited. I did a topdeck trip last year and it was incredible. So keen for New Years Eve in another country!


Love topdeck! I’ve done a couple of other tours too. I love New Years in another country, I haven’t been in New Zealand in the last 4 years for them haha! Where did you go on your last tour?!


Haha very nice! I did Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore last October with them. Love SE Asia. It’s coming around super quick! I’m having a night in Bangkok first and then spending 3 nights in Phuket on my way home. Super keen😁


Oh cool!! Love Thailand. I feel ya haha I’m so ready for this holiday!